Links to Historical Sutlers and Suppliers for Reenactors 

Dixie Gun Works - Has a whole slew of supplies from guns to tents to uniforms. While a bit pricey, this is the one stop shop for everything reenactors need. Their website is

Track of the Wolf - Has a number of supplies that reenactors will find useful even though this site is more designed for Mountain Man / Western Expansion reenactors. Their website is

Crazy Crow Trading PostHas a number of supplies that reenactors will find useful even though this site is more designed for Mountain Man / Western Expansion reenactors. This company is especially useful for knives, axes, and tinware. Their website is

Veteran Arms - This company provides affordable muskets to the reenactor of the 18th Century up to about 1830. Many of their guns can be purchased affordably and converted to percussion for a unique Civil War era weapon. Their website is

Earl Kathan Gunsmith - This company specializes in gunsmithing for flintlock and percussion weapons. They also are one of the few American companies offering an 1854 Austrian Rifle as well as few other unique Civil War guns. Their website is

Middlesex Village Trading Company - This company specializes in muzzleloaders from the 17th Century through the Civil War. They have a variety of very affordable muskets that are sure to be enjoyed by any reenactor. Their website is

Loyalist Arms - This company is based in Nova Scotia Canada but provides a wide array of muzzleloading weapons from the 17th Century through the Victorian Era. Their website is

C&D Jarnagin - This company doesn't provide weapons but has just about everything else a reenactor needs and has exceptional quality. I have a cartridge box and cap pouch I bought from them 20 years ago that is still seeing field service. Their website is

Hamilton Dry Goods Shop - This company has a lot of uniforms and other accoutrements that will be of interest to the reenactor. Their website is

Lehmans - This company is a supplier to Amish and Mennonite communities around the world.  That said, many of the things they sell are very affordable and very useful to reenactors. Things such as kegs, oil lamps, period correct furniture, lanterns, lye soap, etc. can be found at their site. Their website is

Blockade Runner Sutlery - This sutler provides just about everything a reenactor could be looking for. Their website is

Crescent City Sutler - When it comes to affordable reenacting uniforms and gear, Crescent City is hard to beat and the quality is pretty good too. I have a stainless steel canteen that I bought for $30 from them 3 years ago that is still in factory new shape and has seen extensive field service. Their website is

Andrew Krasmar(He is based in florida) - . Provides high quality uniforms

Ben Tart - . Provides cloth, mark-ups, kits, blanks, and fully sewn garments. As well as flags and other items.

WW&Co - . Provides uniforms, kits, fabrics, etc...

Mike Luck, Blacksmith - Colonial Smith & Forge Mike makes a variety of ironware and blacksmith goods from the colonial era through the modern era. He has a wide variety of tripods, grills, griddles, cook sets and other things available. If you can imagine it, Mike can make it. For more information on his stuff please call him at 954-658-5074. You can also email him at

This is the limit to the resources I know of at this time for Sutlers. Should you know of others that you would like to see added, please email Rob Dyer at Realize that it may take a while for this to be updated as this is a 1 man operation and Cpl. Dyer is commanding a reenacting unit, has a family and a full time job.