Links to Union and Confederate Units in Florida & Southern / Coastal Georgia

McBride's Company of Florida Indian Scouts / Company K 1st Michigan Sharpshooters - This unit portrays Indian Scouts from the Confederate Army and Indian Sharpshooters from the Union Army. This unit is based in the Jacksonville, FL area and attends events throughout FL & GA. This unit is a campaigner type unit that focuses on the bushcraft/survival skills of the Seminole and Civil Wars in Florida. They meet on the 1st weekend of each month at Fort Clinch State Park in Fernandina Beach Florida. More about them can be found at their website or by Emailing their commander Cpl. Rob Dyer at

75th Ohio Infantry - This unit portrays regular Union infantry and is a family friendly mainstreamer unit that participates in a number of events all over Florida and Georgia. More info on them can be had by contacting Tom Criscuolo at or Rob Pfluger at

3rd Florida Company A/ 35th Mass. Infantry Company A - This is a unit that portrays Union and Confederate soldiers. This unit is one that is strong on their martial airs and stresses drill and ceremony. They are based in Central Florida and near Jacksonville. More information on them can be had at

2nd Florida Company E - This unit portrays Confederate Soldiers in Florida. More on this unit can be found at

USS Pawnee Marine Guard/ Company F 2nd Florida Infantry - This unit portrays the US Marine Guard of the USS Pawnee as well as Company F of the 2nd Florida Infantry (CSA). They are a mainstream unit that attends events in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, & Tennessee. We have members from Florida, South Alabama, and South Georgia. We are a family oriented unit, dress out primarily Confederate Infantry, and some of our members galvanize as US Marines, and as Union Infantry, and civilians. We can be contacted at email: or phone: 850-814-1771.

st. U.S. Artillery Battery A  - is a Union unit attached to the 4th Brigade that reenacts throughout the state Florida.   The unit  is family friendly and camp modern but modern camping is not required. The Unit is equipped with a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer and a Cohorn Mortar, along with a small rifle squad and medical personnel.   We are combined with Battery F,  who also  has a 12 pound Mountain  Howitzer. Our web page is                                                              

Tampa Bay History Center Living History Program - Tampa Bay, Florida -  Tampa Bay History Center has a living history program and is always looking for quality reenactors. Our Facebook page is Tampa Bay History Center Living History Programs. For more details, contact Ross Lamoreaux at or at or by phone at 813-446-1843

3rd Maine Co F - This Union unit is based in Florida and attends events throughout the southeast and the rest of the country. More information on them can be found at or by contacting Ed Henry at or 321-984-4398

28th GA Co K - This Confederate Unit is based in Florida and Georgia. It portrays typical CS Army soldiers from the War Between the States. More information on this unit can be found by contacting David Haskel at or 321-544-6570

Southern Volunteer Battalion is an overarching association of reenacting units based in Florida, Alabama, & Georgia. 

More information on this association can be found on their 

Facebook page at

2nd Florida Light Artillery Battery B, The Cracker Battery 
The 2nd Florida Light Artillery Battery B is a reenacting unit from Central Florida that portrays both Union and Confederate Artillery. The Cracker Battery has armed itself with a 12pdr Mountain Howitzer. The Cracker Battery is always looking for new recruits. It interested E-Mail me at . You can visit our website at

Co. B 8th Florida Infantry - This unit is based in Florida and reenacts the brave soldiers who served in Company B of the 8th Florida Infantry. More can be found about them at their website . Also you may email their Captain Scotty Renz at or reach him by phone at 727 251 7353.

If you have a unit that you would like to add to this list please email Rob Dyer at 

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for your unit to be added as  this is a 1 man operation.